OI POLLOI: Pigs for Slaughter: CD

Sep 08, 2006

A compilation from the two decade running anarcho punk band. It compiles tracks from various sources which is a good start for someone getting into the band. Twenty-three tracks in all, and many on out of print releases. People who have been into the band for awhile, like me, will like the convenience of having a lot of the songs on one disc or for ease to download onto their evil iPod. If this is the introduction, there are many releases out there and a lot of repeats. While it’s still available, the band self-released Ar Ceol, Ar Canan, Ar a Mach5 on CD this year. It continues on the legacy of this great band. All the songs on the new release are sung in Gaelic which is the native language of Scotland. So here is a good start point, and I have given you an end to shoot for.

 –don (Step-1)