OI POLLOI: Fuaim Catha: CD

Aug 27, 2009

Oi Polloi are a long-time, multi- and-shifting member band out of Scotland. Politically, they take a stance similar to Crass (anarchism), while incorporating many of the same ethics and politics: anti-police, pro-animal, anti-industrialist, gay-friendly, pro-everyone’s-land, anti-capitalist. Musically, one can really hear the influence these guys have had on the US band, Toxic Narcotic. Aside from the drum-circle monologue poem that opens this long CD up, the two bands can both play convincing, primitive thrash. Then they can switch effortlessly to into slower folkloric, traditional numbers without betraying either approach to music. It’s a lot to chew on in one large bite and the politics are extremely blunt, but after repeated listens, this has grown on me. There’s surprising bits all over it.

 –todd (Combat Rock Industry)

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