OI POLLOI: Carson?: 7"

May 20, 2008

What else could make my punk life better than knowing that Oi Polloi has put out another release? I had to hear about it from a friend in another country asking me to get him a copy. He is better informed than I. Here are three anarcho-punk anthems that are sung in their native Gaelic language. Apparently only one percent of the population of Scotland still speak the language. That is a shame, looking from the outside. The Gaelic language sounds forceful when used alongside punk. It also helps that the band is intense and passionate. This band, to me, has always been protesting and alerting many people to topics that should be addressed. I have always appreciated this band for their lyrical content and the ferocity of their music. From the translations of the lyrics, they are angry and speaking out about the problems of Scotland that most people do not hear about. I, for one, have heard nothing in the news presented by the North American media. But the DIY network comes through again to make light of things that I wouldn’t have learned through mainstream channels. If you liked the last record, Fuaim Catha, this release is even heavier. The production, across the board, is near perfection. As usual, I was not disappointed. One of my all-time favorite long-running bands. 

 –don (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)

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