OI POLLOI: (1)Six of the Best and (2)Outraged by the System: CD

Jul 21, 2009

I received two CDs that feature the greatest hits from one of the long standing DIY anarchist bands that truly matter. From their early beginnings in the mid 1980s to the current, these motley crew of status questioners have been belting it out for years. OP has a way of expelling their rage and making you feel it without using cheap gimmicks. You feel that they mean what they say. They stand on their own and require no comparisons. They came to the states a couple of times to my recollection and I missed them. They are one of  the bands on my list in my head that I truly have to see in my lifetime. Six of the Best features the EPs "Punks n' Skins," "Resist the Atomic Menace," "Omnicide," "Guilty," the self-titled EP put out by the Polish label Nikt Nic Nie Wie and "THC."  It's a timeline of incredible punk at its best. Outraged by the System is a greatest hits package and has many songs from the previously mentioned CD. It's equally as important if you need to sample their venom. If their music doesn't inspire you to think or become active, you are too far gone in conformity. Fans like me appreciate these releases to fill the holes in their collections. Two fingers in the air punk rock for ya !

 –don ((1) Rugger Bugger / (2) Step-1 Music)