OH MY SNARE!: Hoyeste Gang: LP

Hot damn! All right, so my standard reaction to a Leatherface comparison is one of doubt and disinterest. And typically, rightfully so: more tuneless, derivative, gruff-vocalled nonsense that is entirely unrecognizable from the legions of clones doing the same disgraceful crud. So when I say that Montreal’s somewhat-oddly-named Oh My Snare! sounds quite a bit like Sunderland’s favorite sons, I mean it in the most enthusiastic and beautiful way. Main vocalist and guitarist Jorel certainly has his Stubbs down to a science: a gravel so thick that some of the heart-wrenching melodies only reveal themselves in time. Combined with bassist Lily’s amazing, almost Cinder Block-meets-Quin-twins-like voice and guitarist Dan’s quite melodic delivery, Oh My Snare! packs a wallop that could very well be the most welcome addition to the post-Boat canon since some bearded Floridians first dropped Fuel for the Hate Game. Not to be so easily pigeonholed, OMS! also injects a hearty dose of Gilman-heyday flavor, hardcore-tinged gang singalongs and a sincerity and joie de vivre that is wonderfully typical of French Canada. Fans of any of the above namedrops (and, y’know, any of Rugger Bugger’s more melodious output, most of the Snuffy Smile releases, essentially the entire first half of the Lookout! catalog) should absolutely not hesitate to check out this criminally brief LP. So, so great. 

 –Dave William (Say-10 / Sick Scene)