Oh Cool! Popular E.D.M.: VHS

Apr 19, 2016

This VHS cassette video is spliced, diced, fuzzed-out, and clipped tidbits of blockbuster and B movies, TV shows, some infomercials, U2 concert footage—it pretty much runs the gamut. E.D.M. plays over all this, cutting in and out just as randomly as the footage. At first I was thinking this might be cool to watch while stoned or under some kind of fuzzy, NyQuil feel-good whatever, but after a while things just got dark and it was more like a bad acid trip. I don’t know. I like the montage. It would be actually cool to play in the background at a show on some old TV—which was probably the general idea. A ripped-out note with a scribbled love letter of sorts to Razorcake came with the VHS tape. On the back cover there is a short description of “Becky” the creator, about her wanting to kill her parents or her dentist and some DJ Rex Blankets character that she may or may not like. It’s all very confusing, but it definitely got the wheels in my noggin turning. Not sure if there was a point to all this, but a lot of things are pointless. Sometimes it’s all about the ride. –Camylle Reynolds (No address listed)