OFFENDERS, THE: I Hate Myself/Bad Times: 7”

Oct 09, 2006

I have had a copy of this 7” for so long and haven’t listened to it in years. I forgot what the songs sounded like. It’s interesting and great that this 7” and the second LP Endless Struggle get re-issued. Also, a complete discography is in the works: all in one and no Ebay prices! This Austin, Texas band was a great band but was overshadowed by bands like the Dicks, Big Boys, NOTA, Stains (MDC), and DRI. But they were an important band of the time period. This 7” was originally released in 1984 on Rabid Cat Records. Both tracks on this reminded me of why I loved this band so much. It’s potent and angry hardcore that still stands the test of time. I would compare them to BGK, even though I remember reading they were considered too American for the Europeans. Pressing comparison time: cover art has been completely changed so you can tell the difference from the two pressings. The new pressing is made with a heavier gram vinyl and the grooves are cut wider. With modern mastering, this version actually sounds better and louder on the new release. I can’t wait for the discography CD!

 –don (Kangaroo)

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