OFFENDERS: Anthology 1981-1985: CD

Jul 06, 2010

Sweden’s Just 4 Fun released this anthology of a semi random bunch of Offenders material as a tribute to the late Mikey “Offender” Donaldson, whose untimely death in 2007 shook the underground. Besides being one of the founding members of the Offenders, Donaldson also played on classic releases by D.R.I. and MDC. The only times I got to see Donaldson live were when MDC did their rare, “all original members” shows a few years back. Offenders remains a grossly underappreciated early hardcore band, one of the first to play the super fast styles that became so prominent as the 1980s scorched by. There are some really strange lead guitar riffs on some of these tracks that are as dated as the meat products in the local grocery store I declared never to return to, but, overall, these tracks hold up very well. Easily as catchy and potent as much better known bands, Offenders deserve their place in hardcore history.

 –Art Ettinger (Just 4 Fun,