May 10, 2007

You’d be hard pressed to pair together two bands I love more. It’s rare to find a band that’s perfect both on days when the only thing keeping me from doing myself in is lack of motivation and some of the best days ever, let alone two. OWTH: “Closed Early” is true to what I’ve come to expect from them: pained depression played upbeat that makes me want to be in a crowded living room or basement with a bunch of friends. The second song, “Aqua Panther,” totally threw me. And then I remembered Alex Ulloa had joined OWTH on this 7”, and it made sense. This could sit up there with most Panthro UK United 13 songs, but it still (after at least fifty listens) feels strange as an OWTH song. Tiltwheel: I think the only way Tiltwheel could let me down is to stop recording. This should be listened to with good friends, good times, and cheap beer. Buy this or be stupid.

 –megan (Fast Crowd / Small Pool)