Jul 23, 2007

Off With Their Heads: Their music sounds like an icy, gruff-mouthed, Dillinger Four-friendly odes. Lots of punch—cold-packed fists that swing with a lot of weight—and the lyrics are the exact opposite of love songs; pretty much every one’s a loathe song (self, you, other people, lady standing behind you, entire parts of the country, girlfriend from ten years ago), and it works really well. When the keyboard kicks in on the second song, I get the feeling OWTH’s capable of a lot of depth in those inky black wells they call their hearts. Practice: There’s something in the Pacific Ocean. Has to be. Because from here to Japan, a band playing a mix of the Jam, Clash, and Elvis Costello, sounds like they’re playing with newly discovered, just-cut pieces to a puzzle that snaps together crisply. Tell me, Japan: how does that happen, almost thirty years after the fact? This should be played out to dust, but it’s there, jumping around and I want to jump around with it. Nice cover of the Descendents’ “Silly Girl,” to boot.

 –todd (Snuffy Smiles)