Jul 13, 2006

This is some of the most amazingly miserable pop I’ve ever heard in that it layers some of the most misery-laden lyrics I’ve heard in some time over some of the catchiest, upbeat pop melodies. Lyrics like, “I’ll tie it tight around my neck and kick the chair out with my legs because I want to fucking die today.” and, “So night after night I’ll be staying up late. I’ll be fighting off the shakes and puking out the window repressing things you can never know.” make me want, on one hand, to give the guy a hug and make it all better. But, on the other hand, if it ever was all better, would they still be writing these amazing songs? I’d hope so, but, since I don’t know them, I’ll take the sorrow for the songs. The only thing I have negatively to say about it is something I realized the first time I saw them play: The song “Hospitals” is so close musically to Toys That Kill’s (who were also playing that night) “Two Billion Bastards” that I thought they were covering it in homage to them.

 –megan (Rock Bottom)