Jun 20, 2007

This is reeaal close to being full-on awesome. It’s got that zippy, whirlwind, circular speed of Horrible Odds, that “I’ve got a mental owie, slide down your panties” feel—but recorded so much better—than the best four songs on Jawbreaker’s Dear You, and that rust shined into a luster pop punk of Rivethead (who Zack came from). But there’s something in the creases that doesn’t quite do it for me. The rock’s slabbed on there, but the joining material feels a little clumpy, bloated, and strained, like someone using a caulk gun for the first time sealing in a bathtub. Off With Their Heads’ musical bathtub doesn’t leak, it just ain’t as tight as it could be. That said, I find myself listening to this quite a bit, so it just may take some adjustment time. I heard they slay live, so I’ll patiently wait for round two.

 –todd (Rock Bottom)