It’s almost been three years since the last OWTH full length, not to mention the unimaginable amount of miles of asphalt passed underneath the wheels of their tour van since then. It’s fair to assume that no one likes waiting every three frickin’ years for a new record from a band, but this new twelver of songs that clock in at just over a half hour was more than worth waiting for. See, there are a lot of bands that can write good songs, but then there’s the bands that write great albums. OWTH has been the latter since day one, and Home is no exception. When a band like this literally lives for doing what they love/need to do, it shows in spades. Heart placed squarely on the sleeves, no bullshit. Without having to list the (literally) numerous songs, I’ll just go on record that there’s a fuckload of punk-fueled mayhem doled out here—those barbed, trademark OWTH hooks that get the fists in the air and people howling along to the lyrics, the same way I can’t help myself at their live gigs (you others know who you are). It’s always a pretty goddamn good sign when a band can make you chimp-out at their shows, but to yield the same results from listening to their records? That’s an unstoppable force to reckon with. There’s even an updated version of “Janie” (originally from their Grin and Bear It split EP they did with J Church), as well as a few mid-tempo burners present (think “Fuck This, I’m Out”), not to mention a couple of slow jams that aren’t one iota lame. By the way, there isn’t a single break between the songs on the entire album here, so take a deep breath, dive in, and get ready to rock the fuck out to one of your favorite rekkids of 2013.

 –dale (Epitaph)