OFF WITH THEIR HEADS: Hi Five for the Rapture: 7” EP

Feb 15, 2007

Dysfunction: never great on a personal level, but, sometimes, great for music. OWTH can’t seem to keep band members. They steal people’s food (although reformation has been claimed). They’ve got a gas tank full of hatred in a van that barely works. Sometimes—and this is one of ‘em—when something’s so wrong it’s right. For this guy, nothing beats snarling meanness and guitar attacks, then and a soft blanket and some cuddle time with a breakdown. Melodic. Hardcore. So both are a bit changed and hammered into a new shape. It’s the dynamics in punk that make it cut in new ways; the hug and the wielded knife that make it continually interesting, and Off With Their Heads capture that perfectly.

 –todd (Fashionable Idiots)