Oct 06, 2008

It’s not often that I identify with lyrics the way that I do with Ryan Young’s. Obviously, identifying with lyrical content is what this whole thing is about, that, as a community, we share certain common goals and interests and we can all pile into a dank room and yell a bunch of stuff that gets our hearts a’racing. It doesn’t happen as easily with more specifically personal lyrics, for me anyway, but on the rare occasion that it does, it’s something else. Ryan has a way of conveying this pleading despair coupled with the Strummer-coined “hope in a sea of hopelessness” that hits me in a way only the songs of Damien Moyal and an incredibly small handful of others has before. This shit just knocks me out. Thematically, and musically, From the Bottom doesn’t stray too far from Hospitals or the pile of 7”s OWTH have churned out in past two years, but I wouldn’t have them change a thing. Devastating and inspiring—just unbelievable. This might be my favorite band on earth.

 –Dave William (No Idea)