Two songs a piece from two of the Midwest’s finest pop punk bands. OWTH starts it off with “Die Slow,” a song that many people have said is one of the worst songs ever done by this band, but they’re all crazy. All of them. This is definitely one of my favorite Off With Their Heads tracks. They wrap up their side of the split with a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Splendid Isolation” that isn’t too shabby at all. Dear Landlord (a newer band comprised of ex-members of Rivethead and current members of The Copyrights) plays what sounds like an even better—if you can imagine it—continuation of Rivethead without all of the forty-five second songs. Strong group vocals singing and depressing choruses are the order of the day, and you’ll find yourself singing along to sickness in no time. Both songs, “Hi Fives” and “Crashing,” are fantastic. I can’t wait until a release date for a full length is announced. –Dave Dillon

 –guest (No Idea)