OCCULT DETECTIVE CLUB: Alright Gentlemen: 7”

A while back, I got an amazing 7” by Hex Dispensers with a ripping B-side called “I’m a Ghost.” I played that song over and over again before realizing that on the record, it said the song was written by a band called Occult Detective Club. It took a while, but I tracked them down. Another amazing band from Denton, Texas? Not surprising. Well after two LPs, the ODC are back with a brand new 7” and I couldn’t be happier. Four blasts of muscular pop that forces you to bounce in your shoes uncontrollably. The hooks will stay with you forever and will have you singing at the top of your lungs in the car uncaringly. Four songs that instantly bring me back to seeing them live at Awesome Fest and have me longing for more. This band is that good. This record is that good. Pick this up. Pick it all up.

 –ty (Dirt Cult)