OBSOLETES: Is This Progress?: CD

Feb 28, 2008

Yes! Wisconsin does it again! You’d think having two AMAZING bands (The Modern Machines, Fury of a Thousand Zeuses) in one state would be enough, but we here in the DairyState constantly surpass all projections for punk rock greatness! The Obsoletes feature two former members of the amazing and under-appreciated pop punk band Yesterday’s Kids. This time around, it’s way more pop, way more influenced by classic country and the Replacements (the album includes an obscure ‘Mats cover), and it’s so damn good! These are just great songs, period. I can’t stop listening to it. My only slight criticism? Slowed down vocals on “Little Gurl.” So strange, and so bad! But, minor complaints aside, this is, at least, Honey Nut Chex: simple and amazing. And, who knows? After a few more dozen listens, it may even become Corn Pops!

 –maddy (145 Records)