OBSESSOR: Obsession Collection: LP

May 20, 2014

Incarnated as the one-man recording project of Brandon Ferrell, Obsessor worships at the altar of thrash metal. It’s not new territory, but Obsessor succeeds at paying homage to all that have come before, while scorching their own brand onto the face of the genre. Ferrell demonstrates not only his technical chops with each instrument, but also a keen ear for song-writing. From the opening thunder of the track “Obsession,” to the end of the A-side, there’s nothing but one ripper after another. It’s clear that in addition to good song-writing, a good amount of thought was put into song order, bearing the vinyl format in mind. After the quiet of flipping the record and the hiss of the groove as the needle catches, the B-side opener “In Fear of the End” has a nice feedbacking fade-in before the furious riffing of the song itself takes over. Subtleties like these make for a better listening experience than merely jamming songs in an arbitrary order. Lyrically, Obsessor doesn’t stray far from the topical norm of the genre. Songs about living and dying by the sword, mental instability, the evils of political leaders, and the end of the world all feature on this record. While it’s not new ground, I found the lyrics pretty solid. There’s no overabundance of clichés or the kind of lines which cause head-shakes, or inward groans. Tankcrimes is a label known for their quality vinyl packaging, and this release is no exception. The artwork throughout is badass. Pick this up, and you too will be Obsessed! 

 –Paul J. Comeau (Tankcrimes, [email protected], [email protected])