OBSERVERS, THE: Walk Alone b/w The Void, Slipping Away: 7”

Oct 09, 2006

For all you pining for the “good old days,” and that there’s nothing out there that’s going to dethrone the past, that they wish they could go into the wayback machine to 1977 or 1982 or whatever, you can experience that type of glory in 2005 with The Observers. They tour like motherfuckers, don’t sound quite like any other band out there, are explosive both on record and live, and you can get in on the ground floor of their musical holocaust (but in a good way, you know), right here, right now. (Just saw them. There were thirty people there, going nuts.) Don’t miss out by staring at a big, sponsored-by-corporations stages and make dildoey, ignorant statements like, “There’s no good punk anymore.” You’ll be kicking yourself in a couple years if you don’t even give The Observers a chance. Here are three more excellent songs by a band that deserves any and all the success coming their way.

 –todd (Jonny Cat)

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