OBSCURE, THE: The Politics of Person: CD-EP

Feb 05, 2009

Far-fuckin’-out, man! This is stylistically perfect psychedelic garage pop that’s thoroughly saturated in an aurally colorful layer of jangly crunch-driven divinity. The sizzlin’ hot lil’ ditties contained herein conjure an intoxicating image of droppin’ a couple of tabs of acid in the middle of a dayglo-hued poppy field while a mind-swirling soundtrack of The Sonics, Them, Shadows Of Knight, and Between the Buttons-era Rolling Stones continuously blares in the background. Of the seven songs that decoratively adorn this delightfully upbeat disc, two (“The Human Condition” and “The American Scene”) are downright funky, and one (“Those Commie Bastards!”) absolutely rocks with pelvic-thrustin’ surf-style swagger! The raucously insane raver, “Give Up," sounds as if it’s a long-lost mid-‘60s garage-rock blaster that’d ideally fit alongside any of the savagely stellar tracks on the original Nuggets comp. Hell yeh, The Obscure frenetically strut their unique sonic stuff all over this mind-blowin’ platter of dazzling musical magnetism. It’s just too damn addictive for mere mortal words to adequately describe. –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (A.D.)