OBNOX: Three Times Dope EP: 7” EP

Jun 13, 2014

Obnox is a rather prolific project from Bim Thomas of Bassholes and This Moment In Black History. I have no idea where this falls on the Obnox trajectory, or whether it reflects the rest of the output under this moniker, but that aside, this one’s got three powerful garage punk rockers with a slight psychedelic bent plainly hidden beneath a lack of fidelity—like champion level lacking. The two originals are stellar, and Obnox offer up a fantastic, personalized cover of the Spiders’ “Don’t Blow Your Mind” that fits well next to Bim’s own work. Huge catalogs are always intimidating to me, but I might just have to investigate into this one a bit more, especially if more of this is possible. 

 –Vincent (Southpaw)