OBNOX: Smoke Woody Haze EP: 8-Cut 12” Maxi Single

May 08, 2013

Lamont “Bim” Thomas has been in two powerhouse bands, from the duo Bassholes with Don Howland (the song “Daughter” still stops me cold), to the peace-through-superior-Cleveland firepower of This Moment In Black History. All bands are very worth seeking out in both past and present tense. Obnox is Lamont front and center on vocals and drums. This EP matches Lamont with different hip-hop folks providing the beats, rhymes, and production. I mean, fuck, how many examples do you need of a guy who gets it right musically so often? Great songs crush the empty boxes of flimsy musical genres. You want the hollow rattle of a spent cartridge of something merely shiny or a loaded chamber racked when the purist police and big industry come knockin’ your front door down? Lamont’s been cleaning his weapons, smoking weed, got his Arts and Sciences degree. His answer’s written on the door, plain and simple. Definitely worth your time and purchase.

 –todd (12XU, 12xu.net)