OBN IIIs: Worth a Lot of Money: LP

Nov 02, 2015

I really like the first two OBN IIIs LPs. They make me feel like the void in rock’n’roll punk was properly filled after The Humpers stepped down. I wasn’t super happy with OBN IIIs third LP, though. The songs slowed down and some of them were too long. But Worth a Lot of Moneystrikes a good middle ground between the “fuck you” swagger of earlier OBN IIIs and the third album. The first time I put this record on, I accidentally put Side B on first and thought the album was a mish-mash of non-flow and confusion. When listened to properly, Worth... works much better. The lineup for this LP is different—and frontman Orville Neely plays guitar—so I wonder how this effects his crowd-baiting antics. There are definite nods to Sonic’s Rendezvous Band and Radio Birdman, and “Let the Music” feels so Thin Lizzy (in tone and lyric subject) that I had to check the credits to see whether it is a cover or not. I bought this LP while temporarily jobless, hoping that it was a good use of my limited funds, and it is indeed worth my money. Hey, no pun intended!

 –Sal Lucci (12XU)

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