OBN IIIS: Third Time to Harm | Live in San Francisco: LPs

Sep 23, 2014

I loved the first two OBN IIIs LPs and think the band is a force to be reckoned with live. OBN IIIs have the fuck you swagger of The Humpers and the in-your-face crowd shenanigans of New Bomb Turks. There are touches of Iggy Pop and Sonic Rendezvous Band in Mr. OBNs vocal delivery. Straight out the gate, this album sounds more raw and in the red (without the instruments bleeding or drowning each other out) than any previous release. The songs are darker, heavier, and more varied than previous releases. But ending side one with a seven minute-ish song (half of which is an instrumental intro), then starting side two with a six minute-ish song? Not necessary. A live album on Castle Face dropped shortly after this Third Time to Harm. Now, this is a great representation of the band. The cover looks more badass, despite having zero middle fingers on it. The sound is pretty good for a live recording (though vox are a little low in the mix), and there’s the crowd baiting and shit talking that raises the ante of an OBN IIIs show. But, hey, get them both and judge for yourself. Just don’t miss the live show next time it comes to your town.

 –Sal Lucci (Tic Tac Totally | Castle Face)

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