OBN IIIS: The One and Only: LP

Jan 19, 2012

Since I snagged this from the box, it has been on fairly consistent rotation in my dark dwelling. When I’m out in the sunlight, it has received more than its fair share of play on the iPod (this comes with a download card). Not familiar with their back catalog just yet. Working on it, though. What you get here is some damn good punk rock that draws from the Stooges, Heartbreakers, and Radio Birdman (especially on “New Innocence”). The opener, “If the Shit Fits” runs a bit long, but after that, nothing to complain about. How can you not like songs like “Can’t Wait for You to Shut Up”? These are the kinds of songs that make punk great: attitude, and a total “fuck it” approach. But the song that really grabs me is “New Dark Age,” which brings to mind early Iggy Pop solo material. It has that great guitar sound that slinks in the darkness, revealing itself in flashes, and the vocal delivery is right on. This song could have gone on for another ten minutes and I wouldn’t complain.

 –M.Avrg (Tac Totally, tictactotally.com)