OBN IIIs: Self-titled: LP

Mar 07, 2013

Killer follow-up to a killer debut. OBN IIIs are untouchable as far as current bands. I like ‘em better than Bad Sports, another of Orville Neely’s notable outfits. They have the “fuck you” swagger and searing guitar tone of The Humpers (but really, no one can play rock’n’roll punk guitar like Billy Burks!). Like their debut album (The One and Only), there are nods to Iggy Pop and The Damned. OBN IIIs were one of the best live acts I caught in 2012, too. The packaging is pretty sweet: gatefold with thick stock cover and a poster included, yet somehow like three dollars cheaper retail than when I bought the first album. Label website says this record cost them sixteen dollars a piece to make. Wild!

 –Sal Lucci (Tic Tac Totally)

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