OAOAT’S, THE: Typical: CD

Jul 11, 2007

Never mind the overall “Darlington tries really hard to be the next Plimsouls but just can’t quite make it to Teenage Fanclub-land” feel to most of the songs. Ignore their pretty inane lyrics. Just focus on the fact that “Can’t Let You” is one HOT FUCKING SONG. Drony, jangly guitar hook, perfectly sparse lyrical content, driving beat, THIS is what long, late night drives and loud stereos were made for. If this were an EP or single with maybe “Hot Robot” and “On and On” on the flip, I would be personally handing copies of this out to everyone I happened upon. As it is, the other tunes are starting to grow on me. Sneakily catchy, this one is.

 –jimmy (www.theoaoats.com)