May 26, 2008

Cohesion in split records: Who needs it? On the OP!!! side, you’ve got a cover featuring a cartoon of a cheeky muscleman in a leopard-print Speedo posing with a “gator dawg” in hand and a tiny mutt taking a leak on his foot. Uh… okay. The band’s lone contribution to the disc is a harmoniously jangly confessional delivered with Chuck Ragan-esque gravelly vocals, cloaked in the awesomely raw production of an early-‘90s emo record. Mildly catchy, but it doesn’t cut through you as it should. Flip the green parcel over and you’ll find a stately portrait of the late Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (with newsprint for skin) questioning your soul. The Measure [sa] offer two tracks of plucky pop punk with a sweet slow dance interlude wedged in the middle. Again, there’s some good moments (like the nostalgic bridge in the third track), but nothing particularly memorable as a whole. Together, this tag team of young bands produces a fun yet artistically uncoordinated and largely ineffective teaser of how great their music could be. –Reyan 

 –guest (Kiss of Death)