O PIONEERS!!!: Neon Creeps: CD

Jul 02, 2009

O Pioneers!!! hold so much promise. With its sharp typography-heavy cover, the endearing Neon Creeps is racked with ruminations about depression, fuck-ups, and could-have-beens. Admirably, a voice soaked in Hot Water Music spills therapeutic doses of piss and vinegar but there’s too much easily revealed here. Creeps is weighed down by a forced sense of forthrightness. The guitars do give off warm tints of early ‘90s indie/pop punk (one track’s intro recalls a Jawbreaker B-side) but the material here is lacking the overwhelming kick that it should have. The song structures come arranged with a sense of uncertainty. By editing their material for a sense of evenness and holding a few words back, O Pioneers!!! could be crafting something so bold that it brings them to mind rather than their archetypes.

 –Reyan (Asian Man)