O PIONEERS!!!: Black Mambas: CD

Sep 08, 2006

I’ll openly admit it: I’m a huge fan of Against Me!; I’ve spent a good deal of time listening to their records. I’d wager to bet that O Pioneers!!! have me licked, though. I mean, they have to have really, really studied AM! or their brains are on the almost exact same wavelength, with the following exceptions: Eric’s vocals are more burlappy and don’t hold the notes as long or as strong as Tom’s. AM! has figured out the backup vocals to an almost Shangri-Las type of effectiveness. OP!!! are still working the dirt through the carburetor. AM! have this preternatural sense of pacing, of knowing when to dip, curl, howl, and sprint. OP!!! have a couple of speeds: mid-paced and slightly faster than mid-paced. So, here’s my two cents: if you’re currently way pissed at AM! and are revoking their membership card from your clubhouse, heck, you’ve got a band that scratches a very similar itch. I look forward to seeing how OP!!! develop themselves. As it stands, super nice dudes, but they’re in the musical shadows of whom they admire.

 –todd (Team Science)