O INIMIGO: Personalidades Plasticas: LP

Heavily influenced by late ‘80s DC hardcore, Government Issue in particular (when they were putting out albums like Youand Crash), and a touch of Dag Nasty. But they do have enough of their own personality to be their own band, as you can readily hear in songs like “Abandonado Pelos Anjos,” and the title track, which has more of a contemporary sound. I must admit, it took me a couple listens to warm to the vocals. They’re a little too high pitched for the music and seem to really be straining at being urgent, when he needs to dial it back a bit and go with the flow of the already strong music. I really like the guitars on this record. They have that attention-grabbing crunch, and can slip into a melodic break with ease (check out the closer, “Racional Incerto”). It’s nice—and somewhat encouraging—to hear current bands look to a period of transition in punk that started to go deeper than the prevailing louder faster mentality, and bring in the politics and ideals to complement the change. Hopefully, today’s generation will do the same and take it further. On the whole, this is pretty nice record, and one that bears repeated listening. 

 –M.Avrg (Amendment, amendment-records.com, [email protected])