O INIMIGO: Imaginário Absoluto: LP

Sep 11, 2012

Heavy mid-‘80s feel to the proceedings here, and I mean that in a proto-emo/hardcore way, as opposed to the usual withering assault for which Brazil’s hardcore punkers have long been associated. The songs show a bit more sophistication than the usual fare in both writing and execution, with dual guitars alternating between barre chords and noodly leads and the bass player wiggling in between. This one’s produced by Mr. Stephen Egerton, which means a loud, clean production and explains the thread of Descendents influence throughout, though the singer eschews trying to sing, for the most part, and instead delivers lyrics in both Portuguese and English in a higher pitched howl. At the end of the day, I can’t say it quite works for me, but they do sound like they’re trying to distance themselves from the pack, which is never a bad thing.

 –jimmy (Nada Nada, [email protected])

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