NY WHORES: Play the Fool b/w Kiss Me: 7"

Jul 05, 2001

Hmm. What bugs me the most about this 7"? Is it the dragging on and on at a slower mid pace? Or is it the repetition. The repetition. The slow repetition? Is it the stolen "Clash City Rocker" riff all the way through "Play the Fool"? Or the ripped off P.I.L. logo on the back? No small part of me wishes for just a sliver of originality or something that's hasn't blatantly been stolen from someone more talented. For solely historical purposes, it's got Mike Spent (ex-Spent Idols) and Generic from the Dead End Kids. Yipes. Me no like.

 –todd (Rapid Pulse, PO Box 5075, Milford, CT 06460)