NUX VOMICA: The President Is Dead: 7”

May 20, 2010

A complimentary release to the CD Asleep in the Ashes that came out recently. These two tracks were recorded back in 2006, a year earlier than the tracks on the CD. They’re a little more raw and direct than the CD: two charging tracks that reek of a dark, apocalyptic environment fueled by a metallic and crust punk backdrop. I appreciate this band even more from seeing them live a few times now. Hearing the band live, you can really experience the moodiness and aggression firsthand. Going back to the recordings, it recaptures those moments of sonic stimulation. This release is more straight forward than their current CD, but they still do capture an underlying melodic element that brings forth the aggression and makes it stimulating to the aural senses. Power and fury, a combination that is undying. The growth of this band keeps me intrigued. There is a split 10” with the Makai out there that I now have to get.

 –don (Defector)