NUX VOMICA: Asleep in the Ashes: CD

Jan 13, 2010

I thought this was an EP when I saw that there were only six songs. I was wrong on all fronts. This thing clocks in a bit over an hour or so. But surprisingly enough, it was not a labored effort. It’s a genre melting pot of epic storytelling soundscapes. You get everything from crust, black metal, punk, and rock with everything in between. Fast, slow, medium. It runs the gamut for a tonal adventure. The music is not pretty by any means, but it does take you on an adventure of sound. Production-wise, I was surprised by the brightness of the recording. I was expecting more of the dark, bottom-heavy sound. But this has a more open and widespread sound of guitar gushing from the speakers, giving the music a speck of hope. That’s not common among many contemporary bands that they may play along with. I saw the band live when they came through my town on tour recently. Hearing these songs live was eye opening. Also seeing them a few years prior showed that they are a band that definitely has come into their own.

 –don (Aborted Society)