NUX VOMICA: A Civilized World: CD

Dec 13, 2007

Gallops and palm-mutes galore. Frantic metal peppered here and there with acoustic guitar. I don’t really think I’m doing this thing justice—I actually really like it, and the Accused and Cryptic Slaughter’s usually about as far as my metal tastes reach. Best conclusion I can come up with is if Fingerprint decided to get back together and grow their hair out. Given the air of apocalyptica that visually shrouds this thing, and the corny one sheet touting how great the band is (do those things actually do anything positive at all? Someone needs to do some extensive market research), I was preparing myself to not like this. Instead, I’m mentally high-fiving Nux Vomica for being a smart, kick-ass metal band that’s put out a ferocious, topical, tough-as-nails record.

 –keith (Aborted Society)