NUTS! #6: $5, 17” x 12”, newsprint, 24 pgs.

Jun 03, 2011

Big, beautiful photos and art on good ole’ fashioned Berliner-style newsprint. I’m not exactly sure how many people are involved, but I got this particular copy from Ben Trogdon, who currently plays drums in Weird TV, and in the past has contributed to zines such as Sun Nuz Zun, and a slightly less obscure one called Razorcake. Nuts! is thee Olympia scene-zine, and wears that badge with pride and a good dose of humor. Tons of features on local bands, which range from straight up interviews, to long lists of possible acronym meanings (as is the case with the band HPP [favorites include Horny Phone Psychic and Homely Pornographic Photos]). There are also non-band related contributions, which are all pretty different. There’s a “News” section which gives you nifty little updates on various Oly folks and bands, and, in general, this zine works as an excellent accompaniment to all the gnarly bands and records that are trickling down from that there city. On top of all that, this issue comes with a two-song flexi, which is about as cool as it gets. (PO Box 7302, Olympia, WA 98507)