NUMBERS, THE: Music Design: 10"

May 14, 2001

Shit, now I'm not so upset that the Mono Men broke up. Though there's no overlap in band members, this ten inch seems to pick up right where the Mono Men's "Have a Nice Day, Motherfucker" left off. It's six high-energy, nothing-to-lose, two-minute rock'n'roll songs, that, if they were stripped down to their core, would have something to do with Johnny Cash and Sun Records, but they've pushed that sound to its edges, dragged it through a hard life, and come out punk rock. My only complaint is that the record is so short that I don't feel fulfilled unless I play it twice in a row. I guess I know how my girlfriend feels now.

 –sean (Dead Beat, PO Box 283, LA, CA 90078)