Mar 22, 2016

Grabbed this thinking it was something new by the punk band Nuclear Family, who released a great LP on Loud Punk. Wrong band. I should have paid closer attention to the “The” in their name, and not think maybe it was a mistake on the artist’s part. This Nuclear Family—TheNuclear Family—are a grungy sort of noise rock band. Crunching riffs, thundering drums, and a layer of distortion over the whole thing. The male and female vocals work well, as they tend to do with this style. The riff change towards the end of “Milk & Metho” is pretty good, and one of the more driving elements on this record. “Crash” is the best of the four here. The structure has more going for it with changing tempos, more texture, the dual vocals, and a somewhat intense approach. This is good, but I get the sense that their strength is in their live performance. 

 –M.Avrg (Urge,