NUCLEAR FAMILY: Self-titled: 12”: 8-song EP

Mar 03, 2011

Strong, melodic DIY punk that threads the strident, defiant stance of Tilt to the anthemic crackle of Bikini Kill and the bike-down-a-steep-hill velocity of Black Rainbow. Unwrapped, that means the vocals are clear, loud, and sung with both smiles and sneers. The lyrics are deeply concerned with strong identity in the face of whelming social, societal, political, and religious odds. The music’s tight, but heart-tight, not technician-at-cyborg-band-school tight. Fellow Razorcaker Daryl handed to this to me and said, “I have absolutely no doubt you’ll like this.” Fuck if he didn’t hit the bullseye on that one. Really taken by this band.

 –todd (Loud Punk)