Jan 31, 2008

Metallic crust from Denmark who used to be former tenants of the forcibly evicted squat Ungdonshuset in Copenhagen. In dark times, music to feed the anger and depression is a necessity. Images of a bleak apocalypse are portrayed in the artwork and are the mood set by the music. Guttural vocals play against the thrashing tones of the bottom-heavy riffs. The delivery of the music is direct and played with conviction. Taking the architecture created by Discharge and adding elements of bands like Doom, Bolt Thrower, and Extreme Noise Terror, the band delivers a sound of dirty aggression. Comparisons can also be made to modern bands like Hellshock and Sanctum, who are also torch bearers of the latest wave of crust. I hope there is a tour in the works to come to the states. I definitely want to witness this band’s music live.

 –don (Fight For Your Mind)

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