NUCLEAR CULT: Cruel Routine: 7” EP

Yes, indeed! Nuclear Cult dish out some heavy and noisy hardcore that wastes no time getting down to business. The songs are urgent, catchy, and near chaotic. The vocals are dredged from the bottom of the gut, the guitars are thick and chunky sounding, the percussion’s like a wood chipper, though with enough weight to keep the songs from flying away. There’s a metallic edge that gives the music a darker and doomier feel without slowing down too much. I will say these guys are wise enough to switch up tempos here and there in order to not turn into one big blur. The mid-tempo sections give these songs more teeth, allowing themselves to gnaw deeper into your memory as a result. Plus, there are parts that are sonically crushing where the drums come to the front. You’re listening to these songs rage and then there’s this rapid fire thud from the percussion department that does your head in, before they kick it back into hyper speed, or switch into the next song. Not to mention the sinister bass that holds everything together. Well worth your time, to say the very least. 

 –M.Avrg (Heartfirst)