NUBS, THE: “I Don’t Need You” b/w “Dogs”: 7”

Nov 20, 2012

As far as i can tell, Last Laugh is sort of the silver to Sing Sing’s gold standard with regards to obscure ‘70s punk reissuist labels; this might be damning them with faint praise considering that i can’t really think of a legit contender for the bronze, but i’m sure they’ll get over it. Originally released in 1979, “I Don’t Need You” is a decent KBD-style punker with Norelco® shaver guitars and rubber band bass—not quite the next “Just Head” or “Bummer Bitch,” but decent enough to merit preservation. I’m actually more taken with “Dogs,” the quirkier flipside about a human who thinks he’s a pooch, which sounds like Syd Barrett fronting the Snivelling Shits or something. Why Syd Barrett be fronting is anybody’s guess. BEST SONG: “Dogs” BEST SONG TITLE: “I Don’t Need You” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Recorded at the same New Hampshire studio which would later beget those early GG Allin recordings! TASTE THE IMPENDING GLORY OF “1980’s ROCK & ROLL!!!”

 –norb (Last Laugh)