NU SENSAE: TV, Death, and the Devil: LP

Nov 30, 2010

This is an auditory ass whoopin’. Nu Sensae still have the jagged feel and throat-shredding shrieks and yells, but now they’ve added more low end for an even more sinister and menacing feel. Melody has also raised its ugly head, only to give this duo even more power. I hear people throw the “grunge” tag on these folks. I wish “grunge” was this good. I might have listened to that crap a little more. Nu Sensae are punker than hell, more hardcore than a fourteen-year-old kid in bootleg Black Flag shirt, and have a sound so gloriously dirty it’s almost beautiful. The punch and kick of “Sweet Thing” is great. The words are spit out with venom, then contrasted with an almost sing songy “You are...” response. “Total Drift” on the first side is a total ear grabber with a great melody and catchy rhythm, especially after the hammering of “New Lies.” Great stuff all throughout the record. But the one song that really stands out head and shoulders over the rest is “Passing the Word.” The song slows down to a mid tempo lurk, with the words being a combination of spoken and singing. It has a Southern California feel, like something that would have appeared on the Hell Comes to Your House compilation. Need I say more?

 –M.Avrg (Nominal,

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