NU SENSAE: Self-titled: 12” EP

Mar 03, 2009

Love this record! It’s so raw and dirty sounding. The bass sounds like hell, deep and slightly distorted. Andrea Lukic sounds possessed when she sings. The screams are ungodly and unpleasant, and when she sings it’s a mix of anguish, distraction, and coming unhinged. The drums are basic and effective. They do the job perfectly. If you were to mix the most abrasive and hyper elements of Teenage Jesus & The Jerks and early Sonic Youth with early hardcore bands like the Neos, you might come up with something like Nu Sensae. This duo is punk as hell to the core. Three of the songs, “Don’t Panic,” “Graceland,” and “Peter Tripp,” which first appeared on the Emergency Room compilation, are re-recorded here. “Brain Aid” is totally twisted and wrecked. The wailing growls sound like something from a horror film. Only 200 copies of this one-sided 12” are in existence. Seek and destroy.

 â€“M.Avrg (Isolated Now Waves)