NOW PEOPLE: Love, Sex, Death & the Weather: LP

Jul 26, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia’s label No Breaks seems to be my go-to lately for hook-driven punk music with a glob of rapid-fire, snot-laced vocals. Now People continues their winning tradition. (North Trolls, Shang-A-Lang, and The Max Levine Ensemble are also in their exceptional back catalog.) Now People play methodical pop punk with some post-grunge chugginess with the occasional tasteful acoustic guitar detour. The songs are short and diverse—my two favorite attributes of any record. My only gripe is that the B-side is lacking in comparison to the catchy jams on the first half of the record. Side note: Mikey Erg contributes guitar on “A New Pedigree” so add this record to Mr. Erg’s already extensive résumé of memorable punk records. Recommended. 

 –Sean Arenas (No Breaks)

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