NOW DENIAL / GET LAID : Hungrier Than the Wolf: Split: 7”

Now Denial, Massachusetts’ titans of heavy music return on this split 7” with Get Laid. Making music with no regard for genre boundaries for nearly ten years, Now Denial offers up two of their best yet on this 7”. Of the two songs, “Wasted Lives” was my favorite. Filled with strong hooks, and a mix of both screamed and sung vocals, this song embodied everything I find awesome about Now Denial. Boston’s Get Laid are a screamy and thrashy affair. Hardcore punk that made me think of a heavier X. “Artex” was my favorite of their three songs. While I enjoyed what they had to offer, after a few listens I stopped flipping the record and just listened to the Now Denial side on repeat. It’s just that good. If you’ve never checked out Now Denial, this is a great way to get into the band before picking up their latest full-length. And, who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself digging Get Laid as well.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Get Young, [email protected])