NOVICE, THE: Self-titled: 7”

Jul 26, 2013

There are precious few things you can bank on in the world of music, but one thing for certain is that anything that any of the members of The Marked Men do musically will be great. Their bands are a laundry list of awesome. Mind Spiders, Potential Johns, High Tension Wires, Low Culture… The Novice. I actually saw The Novice play a record store (Wooo! Trailer Space!) in Austin, but my first time in Texas, my heat-addled brain couldn’t really comprehend what was going on… I should amend that. I heard The Novice playing, while I was outside said record store pounding back beer after beer to try and beat the heat. I’m glad I finally get the chance to hear them again, this time in the confines of my igloo. Do I even need to tell you how great this is? I didn’t think so. Just get it.

 –ty (Dirtnap)