Novel Amusements #5: DVD and zine

Jun 05, 2007

             A DVD of homemade short films and videos, with this issue all pertaining to games of some sort—athletics, Nintendo, headgames, etc. I like the way the shorts are related to games in totally different ways. Some are real fun, a few are reminiscent of every short film collection (office work stuff, writers block, dicking around on a bedroom floor) but if you haven’t seen 20,000 shorts in the last five years then you will be just fine with these, as they hit all the right marks for fun. And if you like games and hockey fights, you will love this disc. “Yoga Deathmatch” is reason enough to get it. The extra games included for your computer will keep you in a loop for a week. –Speedway Randy (Novel Amusements, 10 Trellanock Ave, Toronto, ON, M1C 5B5, Canada,,)